What is our role in the QHSE Department?

Highlights of 2010.
Where we see us at the end of 2011
Department Development
QHSE Manager's Statement

What is our role in the QHSE Department?

The QHSE DEPARTMENT offers the development of the companies Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental program to address specific regulatory, codes and standards compliance as well as the corporate and client requirements facing our company's onshore and offshore operations. We ensure contract tender documents are completed with all necessary documentary evidence relevant to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental requirements

Highlights of 2010.

The decision was taken in June 2010 to form a QHSE department which would become answerable to the CEO. Budgets for the department were not readably available for the rest of the year 2010. We were given some funding of which we used to push for International Certification in the ISO 29001-2007 Oil and Gas Industry Standard for Our Integrated Management System (ISM). A gap analysis was conducted in June 2010 by Lloyds and we set ourselves 12 months to gain this Certification. Due to none availability of personnel until the 2011 budget, the task has proved difficult with all the other QHSE responsibilities. But now we are back on track and heading for a Certification audit date of July 2011.

We were accepted as a registered servicing agent by Tyco – Scott, Health and Safety who specialise in Breathing Apparatus, Gas Detection and Fire Fighting Equipment. This has not only given us the ability to service our own equipment saving cost to the company, but gave us a 50% reduction on all our equipment and spares; this costing is unmatched in the market. Again due to the lack of staff it has been difficult to get the Service Centre ready to take outside business.

Where we see the QHSE Department at the end of 2011


We hope to have a full Department, which has been budgeted for and agreed by May 2011 consisting of two Safety Officers, One Environmental Officer and One Quality Lead Auditor. If all requirements are met the department should start to develop in many areas. Most importantly it will give us the chance to push forward for Certification under ISO 29001-2007.

Department Development.


There is still a requirement for the department to have two service technicians, until then all other personnel will double hat and service equipment once trained, this distracts from other operations personnel are required to carry out. It is important that this area is developed as the savings are considerable


The department intends to be running most of the required company Safety Training by the end of 2011. This again will bring a cost reduction to the company for sub-contracting training operators.


Internal Quality audits will be conducted by company personnel; this will allow us to take this away from again; outside agencies saving on cost. It is the aim of the department to get personnel trained as internal auditors enabling them to know what is required by their own department to ensure the follow the Standard and enabling them to audit each other's department.


The company needs in 2011 to develop an Occupational Illness / Health Program, which will not only satisfy our clients and the industry, but our duty of care to all our employees.


Our Safety Program needs a lot of work with regards to risk assessment and Job Safety Analysis. Training and Auditing will play a large part in the development in this area and is no small task. It is important that all Management buy into this and promote the development.


Our Environmental Officer is in place and has stated the process to identify areas where we are not meeting international standards. Once all areas are identified, procedures will be set in place and will need to be met, only then can the company start to develop the reduction of its Carbon Emissions and its Carbon Footprint, bringing us in line with ISO 14001-2007.

QHSE Manager's Statement

Halul Offshore Services Company has the chance to be a market leader in the area of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental and take the opportunity to lead our competitors in this field. We cannot let our guard down while moving forward in our development. QHSE plays one of the major parts in Contract Tender. If it is not correct at the Tender Stage the contract will not be forth coming and awarded to HOSC.

We have to lead from the Management down. As a QHSE professional, I understand why companies feel this is a burden on finance with no return. However the cost of a vessel off hire because of an incident far outweighs the investment in QHSE. It is also a known fact that Safety Equipment is a necessity in our business, if we are required to have that equipment serviced; you can save substantially on the outlay by doing the tasks ourselves. By setting up a service centre we have had great reduction in the cost of purchase of equipment as well as the service charges, again saving the company outlay.